About Me

A Teacher and a Baseball Fan

Hi! My name is Ms. Q and I am currently a Primary/Junior Teacher Candidate in Ontario, Canada. I have always loved working with kids and have been very lucky to have had some amazing and influential teachers growing up. They helped me understand that being teacher is more than just teaching someone something. Some of my favourite teachers were there when I needed to talk (thank you Ms. Lorenzon), open my eyes to new things (thank you Prof. Bohaker), and challenged my when I was becoming stagnant (thank you Ms. Rinaldi). I hope to play the same role for my students and support them to become the best them they can be.

In my spare time you can often find me going hiking, I strive to defeat giant hills one step at a time. I also love doodling, give me a pen an paper and there will be a flower on the corner of the sheet. Finally, during summers you will probably find me watching a Blue Jays game cheering my team on, no matter how bad they are at the moment. Let’s Go Blue Jays!