My First Week with VIPKid

My first week with VIPKid is officially in the books! I have really enjoyed every minute of it!

Know Your Limits

As mentioned in my previous post I pretty much opened up my schedule during my first week just hoping to get a booking. It worked out pretty well as I was booked for 61 classes.

However, I pretty much did nothing but sleep and teach that whole time and now I am just so tired and I know in the long run I won’t be able to keep this up. Because of this I drastically reduced my schedule for this week and the week after.

Best Part of the Job

The best part of this job has to absolutely be the students you get to meet! They are so intelligent and work so hard! English is not an easy language to learn but they do make is seem so easy. I know if I was in their position I probably wouldn’t be seeing the same results.

Uncertain Future

Because of the nature of this job I really don’t know what comes next. I’m currently booked for 31 of 28 classes I’ve opened up this week. However, I’m book for zero for next week. Fingers crossed that I see some movement cause I really am enjoying this job. It really shows how much I’ve missed teaching.