VIPKid Hiring Process – P.2

I’m officially in!

As write this I have signed my contract 2 days ago on August 1 2020. And boy, has things moved along quickly since then.

The background check portion of the hiring process took longest which is understandable. It took under 2 week, which is actual faster than the background check Practicums. Because it was Saturday night I quickly opened up my schedule for the following week in preparation for booking frenzy.

What’s the Booking Frenzy?

The booking frenzy happens on Monday at noon (Beijing time) and it’s when then next week’s teacher availability become open to parents which in turn allows them to book classes. I’ve read a lot of Reddit posts saying that it was becoming difficult to get booking and so I opened up my schedule completely just to get something, and well I got something.

So much for a “Keeping Busy”

As of today I am 89% booked, that’s 62/68 classes booked. I am completely booked for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I actually had to close some of my availability because it was getting to be a little too much. However, I am so grateful that parents have chosen me to be their children’s teacher.

How Did I Get Booked?

Honestly I’m not completely sure. I did watch a lot of YT videos and read some blogs so I did make sure to have:

  • An descriptive bio but still concise
  • An interesting video
  • Included photos of myself that were fun but still suitable for the situation
Screenshot from my video.

The one thing I know for sure helped me is that I quickly got my Level 4 certification. Without doing the math 95% of my booking from level 4 students. It really opened up the students I can teach.

My next week is slowly trickling in. I have reduced my schedule quite a lot knowing that it is possible to get bookings. I’m really exited about this and I have so much to tell you about my first class happened today, but that’s for another post.