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I write this as I just finished up my Mock Classes with VIPKid. VIPKid is an online education company based in China. They employ native American/Canadian English speakers that then teach English to children in China.

I’ve been looking into the company since I began Teacher’s College. I knew that I couldn’t do a brick and mortar job because I was travelling 300+ km between two cities every five weeks. But I never really took the plunge. However, because of COVID everything changed.

I had a bunch of summer jobs lined up but they all disappeared as soon as everything went on lockdown. Yes, there were still jobs I could take but I also currently live with 4 seniors and I just didn’t want to risk taking a job that was so exposed to the public, at least not until everything calmed down a little bit. So I decided to go back to VIPKid and see if it was feasible for me.

The application process for VIPKid was incredible easy. To teach you do need to have teaching experience (doesn’t have to be in the classroom), hold a Bachelors Degree, speak English with an American/Canadian accent, and are able to work in Canada or the USA. I then had to record myself do a 10 minute teaching demo. Again, it is really made to be flexible with your schedule. You record your demo at anytime and they give you the materials ahead of time. Also, there are tons of videos on YouTube of VIPKid teachers giving tips and examples on how to do the demo.

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Once the demo is submitted they told me that they’ll get back to me within 24 hours with the result, and they did! In their e-mail they provided me with the base pay and a copy of my contract. I also got the invitation to start the mock classes portion of hiring process. The mock class is a scheduled live presentation in-front of a VIPKid team member. The lesson is about 10 minutes long and again you get the material before hand. From my understanding, once you get to the mock classes you’re technically officially in and because of that, you may be asked to keep redoing the mock classes until they deemed you are ready to teach. I taught 2 mock classes and after each one I got some really valuable and important feedback. I really do appreciate the VIPKid team members who I had in my mock classes cause they really did help. So honestly, if you do have to redo the mock classes a couple times don’t sweat it, just remember it’s training.

If I do have a tip with the mock classes it is to practice with the mindset that the student will make mistake. I think this was one of the main things I didn’t do the first time around. Figure out how to best to solve the mistake because there isn’t just one solution for everything. Also, when the VIPKid team member asks you if you want to retry a certain part you didn’t do too well on, DO IT! I think they want to see that you learn from your mistake and they are there to see you in action.

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And here I am. I just submitted the documentation part of the hiring process which includes a background check, a copy of degree, and TESOL Certificate. If you don’t have a TESOL Certificate VIPKid does offer their own training program however I didn’t take it. I’m sure that the background check with take a while and I’ll update you guys on what happens as soon as I hear back from them.

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