Our Mona Lisa

This was such a super easy art project and a great ice breaker!

I designed this activity for the first day of an Art History program at the University of Toronto for students age 4-6 in 2018. Because it was the first day I wanted to make sure I was ready for new residents that some of our usuals may have not met yet. It worked great!

To prepare, I took out the projector and projected an image of the Mona Lisa on a giant poster paper and traced away. I then cut the poster in a number of pieces equal to the number of students registered (plus a couple, I always needed to be ready for walk-ins).

I really liked this activity because it allowed our students time to both work on their own and together.

First, I showed them the picture of Mona Lisa and told them we were going to recreate it, but in our own styles. I then handed each student a cut up Mona Lisa piece and got them to decorate away. I loved that some of them only started decorated their pieces after they figured out where it was in the original painting. And of course, others didn’t care and just coloured their little square piece as they see fit.

After everyone was done we got together and I asked the students to put the pieces back together. To see what we came up with. I have to admit, it’s amazing!

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